Academica Virtual Education (AVE)

Academica Virtual Education opened its “digital doors” in the Fall of 2010, in partnership with Somerset Academy, Inc. to seven students living in a small village in the north of Spain.  These students from Soria, Spain were the first to enroll in AVE’s Dual Diploma program, a fully accredited high school virtual program that allows students throughout the world to earn a U.S. high school diploma while simultaneously earning their home country’s credential.

By the time the inaugural class of students graduated in July of 2012, the Dual Diploma program had spread throughout Spain (from Madrid to Barcelona to Sevilla and everywhere in between) and also expanded into Argentina.

In the Fall of 2013, AVE partnered with Mater Academy, Inc. to bring the Dual Diploma program to students in Italy.  It has been one of AVE’s fastest growing regions in terms of enrollments since its inception.

As of Spring, 2015, AVE has enrolled students in Colombia and Venezuela and is now in the process of expanding its horizons for the Fall of 2015 to countries like China, Brazil, Mexico, France, Trinidad, Israel, Bolivia, and Chile.

The success of the program has been due, in large part, to its unique balance of instructional support and student autonomy. From its onset, the program has sought to provide international students with the critical tools necessary to become self-directed life-long learners while ensuring that they are supported at every step along the way. Dual Diploma graduates not only earn an American high school diploma, they gain access to immersive English language learning opportunities, college and career counseling, US pedagogical techniques, a robust and well-rounded curriculum, technology training, and a diverse global community of students.

Academica Virtual Education (AVE), now in its sixth year of operation, provides support services to a number of virtual schools serving students domestically and abroad.




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Dual Diploma Program for Foreign Students

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